Monday, June 18, 2007

Oriol Pascual goes live with

This site means a personal step up on the new media ladder. I first started shoting little clips with my Minolta Xt (now NokiaN95) and roughly edit them with QuickTime - yes, cut & paste style. Then it came iMovie and easily added titles and music to the chunks of video.
Sharing the results has been easy with, YouTube, Veoh, and so on. Then I went for the domain & blog: - iTunes syndication included.
And now, with Mogulus, I'm going live.

The site works as a traditional TV station, in this case offering content about sustainability, Rotterdam, events, friends, cooking, and whatever is captured the N95. Additionally, Mogulus allows me to broadcast live from virtually anywhere! I hope you enjoy it.

Videoblogging Gear

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